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How do I know what I am buying is genuine?

We're are proud to be sure that every item we have and we sell are genuine Muhammad Ali collectibles.

If you are unaware Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay forgeries are amongst the highest in the world. 95% of Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay autographs are believed to be fake and so authenticity is key to buying a genuine investment.

We have become frustrated how buyers have been fooled into buying fake items and so we went about setting up our site to ensure that people know what they are buying.

We are not an internet only company and we are happy for people to view our items before purchasing. 

If you have an item you would like to be authenticated, or an item you are looking to buy authenticated, we can certainly offer advice and put you in contact with the correct companies in order to assist, we don't currently offer our own authentication service, but it is something we're looking into. Please remember that just because an item has a certificate of authenticity does not mean the item is genuine. There are only a select few companies that we'd recommend.


"We pride ourselves on knowing our products are genuine 100% hand signed by The Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali.

Too often we get told that there are products elsewhere on the web which are considerably cheaper, as we often say.....if something looks too good to be true, it probably is!"

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