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Find out how we started.....

This site is all about our passion, not only for Muhammad Ali Memorabilia, but for the man himself. Muhammad Ali, in our opinion, is the greatest athlete of all time. The Skill, charisma, charm, passion, creative flair, compassion, fan interaction and desire were just a few of Ali's attributes. We have been collecting Ali Memorabilia for many years now, sourcing our items from all four corners of the world.

Our collection started by buying a few programs. Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined amassing such a special and unique collection, now our desire is to allow people to see and purchase some of the items we have unearthed.

As a collector myself, I know how hard it can be to find the items you want, it can take years of searching and patience. There are still items I'm looking for and I will probably never stop collecting as well. I love searching and exploring auctions, websites, any stores really to discover what I'm looking for. I spend many hours a week exploring the web and speaking to contacts and collectors in order to find items I'd like to add to my collection.

I honestly cannot even put a rough figure of how many Ali items I've looked at over the years, but it's well into the 10s of thousands, what I do know is, I want people to buy genuine items, there are a scary amount of fake/copied items out there, and really, I want to stop people buying those items. I've seen and heard some sad stories, people spending thousands on Ali items, when in reality, they're obvious fakes. I am here for advice and I'm sure I can help many people buy the right items.

I have access to a lot of contacts and I will always try and help find an item if there is something specific you're looking for, just drop me a message or an email.

I hope you enjoy looking at the site, and keep collecting

Aaron Kalyani


"We have a desire to create the most stunning of items for fellow collectors and enthusiasts of the legendary Muhammad Ali AKA Cassius Clay.

We will go to any lengths to create your dream piece of memorabilia and to make it unique for you."

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