We at www.muhammadali.co.uk are proud to be 100% sure that every item we have and we sell are genuine Muhammad Ali collectibles. If you are unaware Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay forgeries are amongst the highest in the world. 95% of Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay autographs are believed to be fake and so authenticity is key to buying a genuine investment. We have become frustrated how buyers have been fooled into buying fake items and so we went about setting up our site to ensure that people know what they are buying. We are not an internet only company and we are happy for people to view our items on our premises. We are a registered company and offer a full 100% refund if any of our items are ever proved otherwise.

When we need to have an item(s) authenticated, these are the services we use:

STEVE JACKSON AUTHENTICATIONS  www.sjauthentications.com

Steve Jackson Authentications

With his extensive database of exemplars and original signatures over a 50 year period, Steve Jackson has become extremely familiar with the history of Ali's autographs, from the Cassius Clay years (late 1950s to mid 1960s) through the name change to Muhammad Ali (after 1964), and into the later years during Muhammad Ali's on-going battle with Parkinsons Disease.

ONLINE AUTHENTICS  www.onlineauthentics.com

Online Authentics

Online Authentics was set-up by Ali's agent to combat the number of forgeries. Each and every item authenticated by them comes with a unique number which can be typed in on their database, which will then bring up a photo of the item involved and provide where and when the item was signed. This is the best way to guarantee the autograph you are buying is 100% genuine.

If you have an item you would like to be authenticated, or an item you are looking to buy authenticated, we advise using Steve Jackson's quick view authentication service. You can either do this direct with him or you can use the form below to contact us and attach an image of the autograph in question. Steve not only authenticates Muhammad Ali's autograph but also any individuals associated with Ali. This quick view authentication takes around 24hrs to complete and Steve will advise you if the item is authentic. Please remember that just because an item has a certificate of authenticity does not mean the item is genuine. The only authentication companies we trust and use are shown above.